Exercise washup & scores


First of all, Thank you very much!

This is only the second, of what will be many, Exercise Mercury's that we will be running. We have lots of people wanting to have a go, and not only does it give you some real-life experience we are also helping fellow students & staff internationally to be secure.

You have all made a real difference, and should be proud.

I will be going through all of these vulnerabilities and will give you the final scores next week at a special session (details TBC). I will give you an overview of the attacks you found, the impact you would have had if you were a "baddie", and then tell you who the winner is! However, with this type of exercise, there are no losers - other than the bad guys, since your hard work has reduced their chances of getting in!

Thanks again for your hard work. From my part, it has been a pleasure. Thank you also for making sure that my weekend will not be spent being bored.

If you could please fill in the feedback questionnaire that would be great. No names, or personal details will be taken, and I promise it isn't a phishing link :)

A short video below, on why you should always check your security in real life :)
Score on the doors-2

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