Score on the doors-2


First of all, this is not a joke...

You have all done extremely well..... and the scores are so tight I had to recount. I'm just about to give the keynote at 'Andmemajandus' in town.... and I've only just finished the third recount!

Keep up this excellent work, you are really doing well. It shows in both teams. The scoring works by using the NIST framework of 'impact'. What is the impact of the vulnerabilities you have found or attack vector, and what would the impact be on business operations.

150 - High impact to organisation or individual
50 - Medium impact to organisation or individual
10 - Minor impact to organisation or individual
0 - No impact to the organisation

As a result....... you've done well. 

Team Alpha - 1450 points
& JOINT SECOND - with 1400 points - Team Bravo and Charlie!

EVERYTHING IS TO PLAY FOR! Remember, it is all go until 12:00 Friday, so keep up the excellent work!! 
Scores on the doors-1
Exercise washup & scores

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