Executive Summary

'Exercise Mercury' - 3rd December 2018

This is an exercise between the TalTech University of Technology & the University of Kent. The idea of the exercise is to conduct an exercise that tests and locates possible sources of compromise using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), entry-grade hacking tools, and hacking tools available to the public, in order to test each other's infrastructure and mitigate the risks after the exercise.

This is the start of a cybersecurity premier league, started originally by the University of Cambridge & TalTech University of Technology in 2017, by Kieren Nicolas Lovell and dr. David Modic. This exercise has now expanded to cover more Universities and is supported by JISC.

The objectives of the exercise are as follows

  • To train ethical hackers in a real environment
  • To help improve the security in University-wide infrastructures 
  • To not impact University services and to create a zero digital footprint after the event.

The rules of engagement for this exercise are established in a way to not impede or impact on the operational aspects of any system. Any possible compromise will be reported using secure channels between the University teams.

The 'Gamemaster' for this exercise is Kieren Niĉolas Lovell. Contact details are the following:


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